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Whipped Body Butter – DIY


Good Morning!!

So I don’t know about you but a good solid lotion is hard to come by. Some are just, ehh, and it may take several purchases to find one you LOVE. Plus with my freakishly sensitive skin some lotions will break me out in hives for literally NO REASON, ugh!! Why not make your own?! Rich and as creamy as you want, plus scented as you please?? Yes!!

I literally feel like I moisturize like no other. Moisturize your face, your neck, your chest and shoulders (don’t forget that sunblock too!) and then moisturize your body. For me that is 3 different moisturizers and I would prefer to just narrow that down a bit. So I made a whipped body butter to really hydrate my skin that can be used all over! Now being as I have unusually sensitive skin I don’t use this for my face but everywhere else, its good to go! Plus my favorite saying, “Poor coconut oil on life”… yup – that miracle coconut oil is a main key in this perfect little mixture.

You’ll need 2-3 ingredients and a mixer. That’s it, that’s all!

I will include below a couple changes I would recommend after making this a couple times now.


-Coconut oil (unrefined) **Costco Coconut Oil – I stalk this for sales**

-Real Shea Butter **This one works from Amazon shea butter **

-Lastly if you want to add a scent get your favorite oil! You can use essential oils or fragrance oils or aromatherapy oils – totally up to you. I have an obsession with coconut smells and pina colada so I ordered this one from Amazon and this brand has a TON of yummy fragrance oils!



1 – You will want about a 1:1 split of the shea butter to coconut oil. I use about a cup of each and it makes plenty! **Now I will say this is pretty oily and something you will probably want to apply at night but if you want something more creamy or less greasy then lessen your coconut oil.

2 – Throw your shea butter and coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl and heat 30 secs at a time until you can spoon mix then together (do not fully melt)

3 – Once they have been heated and mixed together you’ll let it cool for about 20 mins. You want it to thicken back up. **this step is IMPORTANT so don’t rush it. You want it to thicken up so when you use your mixer it creates a nice whipped butter. I left mine on the counter for 20mins to cool and then in the freezer for 5mins 🙂

4 – Add about 10 drops (or more) of your oil and use your power mixer to whip on high. This will make it thick and creamy so whip and whip until it is the consistency you are wanting. **it may take a couple tries to get the consistency right. If it hasn’t cooled enough it will not thicken up correctly so if that happens just wait for it to cool completely and whip again.

5 – Store in a glass container with a lid. Keep in a cool dark place and bust it out after the shower for a little pamper session!

** I used about a cup of coconut oil and shea butter which made probably two months worth of butter. This stuff will melt on your skin so a little goes a LONG way. If you shower at night (when the kids are in bed and the house is silent, WIN!) then give an essential oil a try in this. Perhaps a calming lavender to help soothe and relax you! Also these would make great gifts! Expecting mamas rub this all over to fight off those stretch marks or get the hubs to give you an amazing foot massage 😉

Do you have a fun little DIY beauty hack? Let me know your favorites!