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Mama’s Little Health Secret

I am sure by now you’ve seen a ton of info on Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). You’ve probably even smelled some and thought there is no way in EVER I will be drinking a shot of this stuff every morning. EVER. Don’t care what it does, it is not happening. There are SO SO SO many benefits of introducing ACV into your life and I am going to share with you my journey on this. It is no miracle product. Like “hey take this for two weeks and you’ll lose all your excess weight. It’s a miracle.” No, no, that won’t be happening but slowly you will see changes.

ACV does indeed boost weight loss. It can also get rid of horrid breath, help with blemishes, make your skin glow, get rid of dandruff, detox your body, shut down colds WAY quick, boosts calcium absorption in your body…the list literally goes on forever.

I have two sayings in my life. One being the “Pour coconut oil on your life” – because DUH coconut oil fixes just about anything. Well I have adapted that same thing with ACV – pour that shit on your life! haha

It took me multiple tries to get a recipe that I was able to stomach when it came to drinking apple cider vinegar. Then I came across one that was actually enjoyable and should I dare say addicting? Yes it is that good.

So here goes –

Get the biggest cup you’ve got (huge mason jar or 32oz yeti) and load it with ice. Fill it halfway with water. MEASURE 1-2tsp (start with one and work up) of apple cider vinegar.

– ADD IN GROUND CINNAMON – this is your key and will change your whole drink so I add A LOT! then just top it off with however much water you can fit, stir, and drink up!

I know you’re thinking seriously, that’s going to take the horrible taste of ACV away?! but yeah it does! Drink with a straw because ACV can be harsh on your teeth!

I enjoy this every morning on an empty stomach and sometimes in the evening if I have had an unhealthy day and loaded up on my sugar and junk food.

QUICK NOTE : ACV can be expensive and you want the one with “the mother” since it is unfiltered and contains all the goods you’re wanting to benefit from. I highly suggest getting it from…drumroll please…COSTCO. Seriously 2 for the price of 1 that you would get anywhere else.

I hope you enjoyed this little post – if you have any awesome recipes your enjoy please let me know. I will be posting more uses for ACV, including one for fleas and ticks!