Natural Beauty Hacks

DIY Sugar Scrub – smoothest legs EVER!


I have touched on the issue of sensitive skin before and I am in no way exaggerating. My skin reacts to every little thing, even a change in the weather 🙁 So when it comes to shaving I rarely have smooth irresistible legs. Shaving creams and gels and lotions all give me monstrous bumps. I have been to a doctor over it, no joke. It is just an allergic reaction and they recommend….NOT SHAVING AT ALL! No way.

With that being said I make coconut oil sugar scrubs that can be used on your entire body. My mom even tries it out with her face because it gently exfoliates and leaves your skin beautifully hydrated. I use it mainly for shaving and a pre-self tan scrub on my body. Works wonders with all natural ingredients.


1 cup coconut oil & 2 cups sugar.

Grab a microwave safe bowl and melt your coconut oil down. You don’t need it hot, just in liquid form. Then add your sugar. You can use regular sugar or brown sugar for a more grainy and intense exfoliation. I add 1 cup of sugar and mix and then slowly add in the rest until it is thick and no longer a liquid. Throw a lid on and store in a cool dry place. That’s it! You can jar this and gift it, super easy, and a nice personalized pamper treatment for anyone. Even add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil as a bonus!


Now a key to smooth legs and a longer lasting shave is exfoliation. I use the sugar scrub and you will have a coconut oil residue left on your skin. Then I shave – no creams or gels needed. Even after shaving your legs will still be super soft and hydrated from the coconut oil! How awesome is that?! No need to worry about razor burn from your moisturizer right after a shave 🙂


give it a try!