Aloe Vera – Benefits & Uses

Welcome to summer!

If you live in California you know summers can be downright brutal! Having little munchkins makes me even more aware of exactly the kind of damage the sun can do and how to take the best preventative measures. Now when we moved into our home about 4.5years ago the previous owners left a pot FULL, like overflowing!, with aloe vera. I HATED IT!! But even so it stayed alive with no effort and it now comes in handy. Super handy.

Aloe Vera is excellent for skincare. Not only is it beautiful for the obvious (sunburns) but it has so many more benefits. Age spots, wrinkles, acne…now I am not talking about the gel stuff you get in the bottle for a discount at the supermarket. I am talking about fresh aloe leaves. Pick a lazy day when you have nothing planned at all and wear no makeup! Take some fresh aloe and rub it all over your face 3-4x that day. You will be amazed at the difference in just that one day.

Seriously. In high school I had acne, was made fun of endlessly. (Thanks!) The thing people didn’t know was I also had sensitive skin. Every change in weather would make my skin freak. Could be acne, could be eczema, could be hives. I can now use aloe to solve all these issues and almost completely get rid of the issue in just one day!

Give it a try, on ANYTHING. The best part is it is great for the babes too! Buy the plant – they take NO EFFORT. I mean literally I did not water ours for years and that little baby is still growing and growing and growing. The one plant that I can’t kill 😉