For The Littles

All Natural Decongestant

My journey into homeopathic remedies or all natural alternatives all started with my kids. When my first was born I was so incredibly scared he would get sick….the world was out to get him! Turns out we went about seven months before anything occurred but still, did I want to give my baby medicine? Over the counter there are very very few options for children under 2. I’m all good with going to the doctor but pumping my tiny one with a prescription freaks me out for multiple reasons we do not need to get into haha mommy fears! Anyhow, I dug into research! Every resource I could get my hands on that would help my child naturally. This is what worked best for us. I broke it down into three things.

Steam showers are always a benefit! I did not try this for a while. I mean really how much help could it be? I WAS WRONG. So wrong. Before bed, we sit in the bathroom, towel blocking the door, shower on as hot as it will go and baby on my lap. I rub circles and pat their back for as long as we can handle. This works absolute wonders but only temporarily. Long enough to get them to sleep thankfully.

Next – get a wax warmer (like scentsy warmer) pick one up cheap at Wal-Mart, big lots, wherever you can get your hands on one. I put the warmer in my sons room with 1-2 spoonful of coconut oil and 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil. This is just placed in their room. It will replace any type of vapor rub that would be applied to the skin. **be careful not to go over on your oil, a little is all you need.**

Lastly a humidifier! Help to break up that mucus while they sleep. This just needs to be in the room, NOT next to their beds. You don’t want them catching anything worse than they have you just want that extra bit of moisture in the air to break up the mucus in their nose/throat. Same with the warmer – we place ours on the complete opposite side of the room & leave the ceiling fan on for circulation.

Now the funny thing about this is of course it is not an instant relief miracle worker but we see improvement every single day in leaps and bounds. seriously! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I rarely feel as sick as my kids seem to be. When it finally hits me I feel like its put on the back burner and I just keep going BUT MY HUSBAND….(that third child) is another story. I have put this in our room when he was sick and then after one night with it he now asks me to set it all up 🙂

Eucalyptus oil is a staple in our house. You can look into all the benefits of it when congested or sick or just need some relaxing treatments. I even put 3 drops in a full bath with my boys when they’re sick! You should always always always be very careful with essential oils and babies. Never apply it directly to their skin!

I hope you enjoyed our little tricks for sick babes. Thanks!!